iChart Pro Features:

iChart pro includes all the features of iChart free (the quick and easy on page Chart builder) plus a lot more for more comprehensive and larger charts!

  • Create small Charts and graphs Easily from inside of any page
  • Build Pie Charts, Bar charts, Line Charts, Doughnut Charts and Polar Area Charts
  • Create jQuery based Data Tables
  • Use ShortCode with ShortCode Generator to Embed Charts on Any Page Quickly
  • Generate Quick Chart with ShortCode or Save and Reuse Comprehensive Charts
  • HTML5, Responsive and Animated Charts and Graphs
  • Supports Multiple Datasets
  • Visual Table Mode to Easily Enter and Edit Chart Data
  • Add/Remove Rows and Columns with Click of Buttons
  • Customize Background Colors for each Dataset
  • Three Positions to Display Chart information Top, Bottom, and Right of the Chart
  • Supports Links for each data
  • Option to hide Chart Information and show only the Chart or Graph
  • Show/Hide Chart Title
  • Supports Custom Text to Show after Tooltip and information
  • Custom CSS to add your own style
  • Full customizable options and control over Typography
  • Customizable Width, Text Color, Font Size, Background Color, Border etc.
  • Show and Hide Horizontal and Vertical Grid lines
  • Import/Export Chart Data
  • Powerful short code Generator for both Gutenberg and Classic Editor
  • Live Chart Preview on Admin after Save
  • Enable Embed Option to allow anyone to embed your chart on their website.

Backend Screenshots

Add Chart Data

Chart Configuration:

Y Axis Configuration:

X Axis Configuration:


Datatable Configuration:




Custom CSS: