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How to Install Simple Link Directory?

Download Simple Link Directory WordPress Plugin to your computer. Extract the Plugin zip folder.

What is the difference between Portfolio X Lite and Pro

Portfolio X Lite
4 Design Templates to Choose from
Single Page for Portfolio Details
Two Showcase Templates to Choose from

How to Install Portfolio X?

Download Portfolio X WordPress Plugin to your computer from here. Extract the Plugin zip folder.

What is the process to add Shortcode to Display any Portfolio?

Example of Shortcode to Display any Portfolio:

What is the process to add Shortcode to Display Portfolio Showcase?

Example of Shortcode to Display Portfolio Showcase:

What are the available parameters for showcase shortcode?

Available Parameters For Showcase Shortcode:

1. orderby
Compatible order by values: “ID”, “author”, “title”, “name”, “type”, “date”, “modified”, “rand” and “menu_order”.

Is there any widgets available for Portfolio X plugin?

Available Widgets:

Two widget variations are available in this version

What are the shortcodes and shortcode parameters we can use with Simple Link Directory Pro?

We recommend that you use the handy shortcode generator for Simple Link Directory from visual editor window.

Why is my CSV file not importing all list items?

The CSV file itself and characters in it must be in utf-8 format. Please check your CSV file for any unusual/non-utf-8 characters.

Is there a bulk upload method to add 100’s of links into the list from a CSV or XLS?

Yes, we have a CSV import feature for bulk upload of a large number of links. Log in to your WordPress admin area and browse to Simple Link Directory->Import/Export area.


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